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Full Version: Names on ZHG Siege
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hello zhg team,

i am here for asking about names. is it allowed to have the same name (or tag) like another player/clan ? Cause i dont wanna say ;"uhm yes, thats the tag of my clan!" when it is allowed to have it.
I am the leader of the new wind clan by the way (names are like "XXX_of_the_East")
so when they are unpolite or anything please say that

with best wishes

Generally it is not allowed to misuse a tag. Although, the tag should be such that it won't happen by accident too easily, at least in my opinion.

I'm unsure if I can give my recognition to that pattern. You also didn't give the clear definition of the tag, as it clearly isn't <name>_of_the_East. Otherwise Gedo_Mazu_of_the_South would not conflict with it and you weren't using the tag yourself. The definition of <name>_of_the_<wind> on the other hand has quite much variance and is relatively common. On the latter half of last year, there has been 6 people already using a name in that format.

Also, your own name history doesn't really do good to your cause.

But well, convincing me is not too useful anyway, as I'm not on the server that much. I'll confirm if Vermin has noticed the threads, though I don't know if she'll react in any way.
my own name history ? whats about that ?
when its true what you sying about the other people with this name, then its ok Tongue i just wanted to ask!

Thank you for your quik answer!
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