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Full Version: I need help with Warband
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Hey ZHG. I'm writing here because there are a lot of experienced players on the forum, so maybe someone will help me. I have a weird problem with Warband I can't connect to any server. For example when I click connect to ZHG it shows a message "can't connect to server" . On the server list I have only favorite servers and i can't find any other servers. I have this problem for at least 2 weeks, I even reinstalled the game and it didn't help. What should I do???
Ollo raven,
Maybe try this out
Solutions on the TW forum
Protip: Connect to interwebz.

Check ur firewall or anti-virus to see if it blocks incoming connections from warband?
Thanks, for your answersSmile. I changed my Internet connection to 4G LTE and I can join a server, on my standard wired connection I can't join any server, weird Sad
That's weird indeed, I hope you have fun on the server nonetheless Smile
Thanks. Guys do you know which ports use Warband?
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