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Full Version: Female application
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(14.07.2015 18:52)Vermin Wrote: [ -> ]Rejected :!

am i?
You can save yourself by making waffles
(14.07.2015 20:51)Vermin Wrote: [ -> ]You can save yourself by making waffles
Here you go! a true norwegian waffle [Image: img_1826_zpszaglsz0a.jpg]
Looks tasty Tongue
(16.07.2015 14:15)Monk Wrote: [ -> ]Looks tasty Tongue

Gettin' all juicy in me mouth! Big Grin
Hi Female,

Congrats, chat access has been granted to you. To gain full membership it is essential you use our IRC chat room on a reasonably frequent basis so we can get to know you. To access it click on the "chat" icon on the top right of the forum.

See you there Smile

Just gotta fix this Java shiet before i can join Tongue
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