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Full Version: There can only be one [Redacted for little children]
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Honored people,

please here my plea for a racism free world.
In my ongoing battle to become the (only ruler of the galaxy) enemy of racism, I would like to give you another son of former slavers.

Niggers_smell_like_shit which kindly renamed himself too Niggers_smell_like_ZHG after being reminded by our glorious playerbase (not to be an asshole) not to participate in any crime that may damage our beautiful world.

Perhaps noteworthy is that RP_KAPITANBOMBA happily participates into this act of vile terror, which is not the first time on this most splendid server.


Peasant Enforcer

edit: Because the subject continues to mock the community by changing his name to I_love_afro_americans, I would suggest action before I go into ragemode.

edit 2: An honost member called MaA_Santiago_Of_Swadia can comfirm, aswell as outprints from my homemade retard seeking device

edit 3: Busy evening RP_KAPITANBOMBA keeps raging, a succesfull kick apparantly isn't enough of a warning ("If the whores hadn't kicked me before....", "suck my..." and many others).
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