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Full Version: Camelot DDoS crisis
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Eyyy guys,

We (TG community, mountandsiege) are getting DDoSed by MerlinZ (from CAMELOT) just as WP and IG are being DDoSed, idk if you are too. MerlinZ is the owner of CAMELOT and wants to take down all competition before they go to bannerlord and they are trying to get our community by blackmailing. I need the SO or a HA to discuss some things about this, can a SO or HA add me on steam? Thx, I am getting in contact with the other communities too. Btw this is his Game ID 512150.


-Horatius, Senior admin.
I remember reading about this controversy back when it was going on. How was all this resolved?
It wasn't (?)
Don't remember ZHG having any involvement at least
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