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Hello there ZHG!

Im Vinniemannn, AkA Vincent... (or was it backwards..)
I am 14 year old, have played the game for 2 months... of total 35 hours legally D= (including F&S..but it sucked.. Angel )
Im from Holland, and, YES I LIKE BELGIAN WAFFLES! Big Grin

My Steam account is also Vinniemannn...but i dont use any kind of teamspeak.. but im a active typer (230 hits-a-minute FTW~!~)

Good things:

I can be VERY interesting to talk to.. (nope. just saying it.)
Best way of fighting is sniping a opponent or let it rain arrows on him/her before he/she/it (lol) gets too close =3

Im a armor-clad guy as soon i got my money..but thats only cuz i sometime fail with aiming... I got a awesome pc with a quad core...blahblahblah... and a stinky one.. but my lil bro and dad claim the good one most of the time.

When im not gaming im more than happy to useful spam the threads ( or server), so when i got the time... you'd better get your

I've read all threads on this site... so i know what you guys expect... and yeah.i play this game solely for fun too... when i need some competition.. i'd better go on trying finishing Red Steel on my WII with a crappy controller >_>

Bad thing:

I can focus SHIT AS HECK D= so dont blame me for getting offtopic very fast..
*reads back this story so far*
Oh yeah. Organisation sucks.

Strategy = 6
Intelligence = -4
Balance of focus= -9
Accuracy with bow= 8
Working with a lance and mount= X_X everyone cept the ones who need to die.
Fast horse + Two handed sword= Nobody left on map >_>
Charisma= 9... i have a lot to talk about.. but i can shut up if needed.
Getting brainless and offtopic= 8
Wait... didnt i post this already?



I can handle:

Dutch: Azzom (duh) English: Lol. no. American English: BAWS, So, good. French: Un peu German: Erm... meine... Deutsch.. ist scheisse.. =3

Just.. get me questions.. or spam me on Steam... Should be somewhere in here too..

If someone can, tidy up this post and get me questions asap?



Greetings Vinniemannn.

I have three questions for you
1: How do you salute before a duel
2: If you kill a riders horse and he is on the ground infront of you but not dead. what do you do?
3: Do you play on ZHG or ZHG_TDM much ?

btw it is good that you have read the other threads before posting.
Hello Vinniemannn.

1. Why there is three "n":s in your nick?
2. Can you shoot arrows as fast as you can type (230 hits-a-minute)?
3. What is bothteu?

I kind of like this application regardless its chaos (or because of it).
Lol, why do you have my name at the end of your post?
any chance for you to understand this: Как Ўела? Smile
P.S. under exam conditions, with no dictionary allowed Wink) Tongue
That. Sounds. Interesting!

BUT! You forgot to tell us about potatoes, and more precisely about french fries...
Yay. Questions to clear stuff up!


1. Hold a sword in front of your face, with the blade pointing to the left and the right, then, moving the point in one swing towards (from the viewers point) to the hip, turn directly to the left, and back to the right shoe.

(I had fencing lessons Sleepy)

2. Depends for me on the opponent. if its a honorless backreaper i will not doubt to execute him at the point. But if its a honorable opponent, who wants to go in a fair duel, i will wait for him to stand up and wait till he or she got her / his feet on the ground before i commence a attack.

3. I have.. but mostly on my shitty pc.. im going on the good one this night =)
Ill yell around in the hope someone will notice me.
I was regulary talking there, but nobody ever answered cuz of the killing spams =)

- End note: I liked questions 1 and 2 =)


1. Long story.. To make it short, when i got in front of a pc for the first time, a man who taught me how to work with it, and made a mail with that nick. Therefore, i use it as a main account on nearly every game i've played.
Regardless, some people started stealing my name in the hope of lifting my fame with them.. Undecided

2. I tried once.. but then i had to go back to the media store for a new mouse.. =3

3. Both Thursday and -
[ Sorry... i have no idea Confused ]

- End note: Yeah, stuff like that often happens to me... Big Grin Hope this is more organised and easier to read =3

Zarayna: I.. had to remember your name for something... but i have a horrible short term (and long term too DURRR) memory.. Maybe you can find it somewhere in my post >_> Sorry to disappoint you =(

Iood: ...is it bullshit or Russian?
I can't understand both of them thou.. =o
Looks a bit like Kak area
In Dutch: Kak = Shit
Area = Well... just area

Soo.. a shitty area? =3

- End note: OH CRAP EXAMS! Luckily i still have 3 years to go till i have those >_>

Uriel: To be honest.. i dont quite like french fries.. Angel
I like the regular size crispy ones with much ketchup =3

- End note: Sorry to disappoint you too.. D=

Total: Any more questions?
Im going in the server.. NOW! And will stay for like 1 1/2 hours =3

Note: Did i mention i am not going too well at school?

So i won't be on much during weekdays.. or will seriously die online for one whole week? Is that a very big problem? Undecided When i get the chance, i DEFENITELY will be on =)

Im playing a bit of Minecraft with my lil bro and school friend too.. so it's best to check me up on Steam WTF im doing =)

(Oh crap.. imma end this post now.. its starting to get messy again...)
Wasc, why do i have two stars above my avatar? =o

I like them, regardless what they are!
It is russian, thou the meaning is different... completely XDDD but I like ur style Smile
(21.05.2011 21:15)iood Wrote: [ -> ]It is russian, thou the meaning is different... completely XDDD but I like ur style Smile

Lol. Can i have the chance of knowing wtf it means =3?

Own style ftw!

My style is usually lonewolf.. but i hate teamkillers, backshooters, backreapers, and ganging guys with pole/halberd Sad

Btw, Nothorn, nice match =P

Played with him in the reg field battle some minutes ago ^_^

Still waiting for more questions or an message from a OP =P
I wanna join the chat >_>

Gotta go back to homework and the crappy pc again tomorrow.. so will be talking more, playing less..

interesting. good answers to.
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