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Full Version: Nirastel
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[Image: 2_14_01_11_1_33_50.png]
Overview of Nirastel castle. Front right (from picture perspective) tower of the castle will be the position for the siege ramp, which doesn't show in the picture. Behind the castle will be found many ladders for invading the castle. Fastest route to the flag would be through the gate.

[Image: 2_14_01_11_1_34_32.png]
View from the roofs on left side (from defender perspective) of the castle. These roofs have good visiblity to the center square of the castle and to the flag, which make them valuable position for attacking and defending.

[Image: 2_14_01_11_1_34_58.png]
View from the back right wall. Below and right of the character is a sally door leading to the alley pictured. This route might have the benefit of being less noticed by walking in the shadows of the alley. Downside is the long time to reach the door.

[Image: 2_14_01_11_1_35_19.png]
Close view of the flag in the center of the castle. The flag is in the center, in front of the keep as shown in the picture.

[Image: 2_14_01_11_1_35_36.png]
View of the attacker's camp. The camp doesn't see much action in the siege.
It looks great and I can't wait to play on it! Is it already available on ZHG server?
(14.01.2011 17:37)Uriel Wrote: [ -> ]It looks great and I can't wait to play on it! Is it already available on ZHG server?

Yes, it is on the server, but not yet on rotation. So, it needs someone able to poll custom maps.
This map is verry good in ctf. Lots of roofs to climb and tower to camp in hehe
But i mostly just try to jump down on people with a 2hander over my head Smile

Maby one thing would be more fun running it in seigh mode if there was a gate you could destroy insted of just open.
Other then that i cant think of something to change/improve.
There is that destructible door at the back though. IIts not a gate but I think its a good alternative that even allows sneakattacks, since most defenders are at the front anyways
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