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Hi my in name game is Ginge

I would like to join ZHG as i play on your TDM server quite a lot as its pretty much the only good one. You get a good bunch of people on there and i think it would be cool to be in the ZHG Tongue Also i really like using the bows/crossbows and i read here you used to be a ranged clan so seems fitting Wink

Other games: Lots of different ones , FPS to strategy and everythign in between
Interests: Shooting people off horses.. in warband anyway Tongue

Im 23 and from England

See you in game!
do you have a taleworlds forum account?
No i don't im quite a casual player so don't notice things like that too much. Having a look at it now though looks quite useful.
Is it a requirement that i do?
no not at all it isnt a requirement but the taleworlds forum is a useful place for warband players of all levels for support issues and amusing and interesting threads about warband.

I have an account there but i rarely post stuff its just a useful thing to have i think
Think i might look into it though the site looked pretty good. Smile Cheers
Some random list of randomly random and less random question in random order:
  • Do you like belgian waffles?
  • What are your thoughts about long trial member times?
  • Do you have Nirecotive installed? (Do you even know what it is?)
  • If you would get admin rights to some server, what would be the first thing you would do?
  • If you would have an option to buy an invincible armour in warband, would you buy it?
  • Bothteu
  • No, it wasn't really a question, but is this?
  • Why do you think it would be cool to be in the ZHG?
  • If you could choose from philosophical, political or historical question, which would you rate the reddest one?
  • If you could choose between a strong bow and a double rainbow propelled sparkly javelin made of glitter with really cool glowing lights around it like lightsabers, which one would you choose?
  • What would be your first reactions and thoughts if you would step into a room, greet everyone happily and then you would be immediately ThElInAtEd!?
  • What do you think about thinking?
  • zhg-smiley
  • That wasn't a question either, but feel free to answer if you want to
  • How many different ZHG members have you spotted and do they know anything about your existence except this thread?

Multitasking slows everything down... Now I don't anymore have any idea what I was writing or what I have written. Sounds like a perfect time to post.
I have never had belgian waffles however im going to say i freaking love them!

Long trial member times don't really bother me. It's up to you to decide and im in no rush.

I do not have Nirecotive installed but i believe its the mod that gets the guns and stuff seen people talking about it alot on server.

If i got admin rights hmmm maybe demand respect from the other common peasents who might not have it.. or just uh stay the same but with the power Tongue

I would not buy invincible armour as i prefer gauntlet boxing its more manly.


I would say it was!

Seem a fun bunch and would be a laugh to play with some like minded dudes/duddettes

I would say trick question the reddest is the carrot

The strongbow every time!

I don't know what that means so i am going to go with turn around squeeze out a cleavelend steamer adn leave jsut in case.

I think thinking is something to be thought about

I see a butterfly

I have played with Gragnok and i saw Pipen i believe i htink Nireco was in spectator too. Thats is i think
What are your thoughts on teamspeak voice chat and do you have a microphone?

Also you should play with us tommorow on either siege or team deathmatch at 7pm (We have an event each monday and friday called "Let's play together" at 7pm where we have fun together and occasionally have fun testing out new things.)

nice to meet you =)

Also out of curiousity what colour are your socks?
I use teamspeak with my friend who i play on your server with Smile

is that 7pm GMT or?

my socks are currently grey and red

nice to meet you too!
(28.08.2011 17:37)mori2000 Wrote: [ -> ]is that 7pm GMT or?

Yes its 7pm English time for you an me Tongue
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