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Full Version: Falkreath
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Hi there,

I was playing in your servers the last moths, and start to make scenes few weeks ago.
Using the falkreath village (from skyrim) i do a recreation of that place.

Description: The city lies in a valley near the centre of the Falkreath Hold, in the low-lying forest area some distance west of Helgen. It is one of the smaller major cities, with no real walls surrounding it and no large buildings. The town more represents a small farming village rather than a major city

the new terrain code is 0x0000000330000500000258bd000001f500001ed2000028d5
- TDM, DM, CtF, Battle - allowed

Download link .sco
Download link .addmap

Any help is welcome, need rename the scene because i used the scn_multi_scene_2 -village- slot and dont know how to change (solved)

[Image: 2012031200008.jpg]

[Image: 2012031200007.jpg]

[Image: 2012031200005t.jpg]

[Image: 2012031200003b.jpg]

:O Falkreath awesome idea for a map. I would certainly love to run that on ZHG TDM.
If you want to add the map into a module as a new map:

(Backup your module first to be able to revert the changes etc.)

Download MapPackApplier from http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=3276 . Create Modules/Native/Tools directory and unzip mappackapplier there. Move/copy the .sco to MapPackApplier's MapPack directory and rename the file to scn_almogaver_falkreath.sco . Create a text file (with extension .addmap) next to the file with name almogaver_falkreath.addmap with content:

name Falkreath
scn_X X 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x0000000330000500000258bd000001f500001ed2000028d5


(You might want the name to be "Falkreath by Almogaver" instead, as it's one of the rare places to get the credits for the map.)

Run apply_map_packs.exe and you should have the map last in the ingame list. (Client has no clue what scenes the server has and uses it's own scene-list, so you'll start to see the map name everywhere.)

You can add maps to other modules similarly.

You didn't mention clearly, but I would guess we are allowed to use the map on our servers after we get the next update, which might take some time. Clear statement for this, just to be sure, would be appreciated.
Hey Gragnok i want to see Falkreath in ZHG TDM too )

thanks Nireco, i do all u post and now the map has name Wink
I change the links in the first post, now are the both .sco and .addmap

and yes Nireco, this map is made for run in ZHG is my little gift for lots of fun played hours in your servers.

just tested the map and it seems great i will upload it to TDM and have it running in the rotation soon. The blacksmiths is particularly good!!

Thanks a lot for making it Smile

cool if you want add to the rotation, if is needed any change in entry points or something else, are free to do it, or explain me the changes and i can do.

note: alert me in steam when the map is running pls hehehe

will do
hmmm i just restarted TDM and it is now running the latest version of nirecotive 2.5.3 with your map on it but for some reason i cant see it on the map list. I will try and discover whats gone wrong :O (most probably i have uploaded the wrong module)
all sorted now map is up and running!! Big Grin
great ! i am seeing the map in the nirecotive menu and the poll option is available.
thanks, now can poll the map when playing without an admin.

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