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Full Version: Unban
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Hello there!
Now, sorry for the distinct lack of information in this ban appeal, but it's all I remember from the ordeal.

I was banned from ZHG_TDM.

I requested for myself to be banned (some personal reasons mainly involving anger), the person who carried out the ban was Lisen. (I'll see what more information I can find out from Lisen when I next come into contact with him).

This is where my memory fails me, I do not remember which name I was playing under, though no doubt I could find some clues. Nor do I remember which time I was playing when I requested the ban, I believe it to be some months ago (3 to 5 months-ish (I was also playing with my friend Flashybastard)). I'll scrape together what I can find today and if I find anything I'll edit it back here.

Well, I believe I'm ready to be unbanned as I have calmed down alot lately and do not rage as often as I used to.

I'll PM my ID to whichever admin asks for it, I believe Gragnok knows me as 'Vagface' from quite some time ago.

Again, sorry for the vague information.
Hi there

Interesting that you asked Lisen to ban you lol. If you have your game ID you can just post it here and i will unban you.
Hey, thanks!

My ID is 388446.
I asked to be banned due to my temper, and since then my temper's pretty much gone. So I assume I'm safe to be around when on TDM Tongue.

Thanks again!
unbanned now.
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