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Full Version: What is the history / background of ZHG?
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I never heard of magicka. However, after you mentioned it, I looked it up and it looks quite popular. I also have not played the Napoleonic version of Mount and Blade. Is it a lot different than warband (different style of combat, etc)? Is it all guns or this there still a lot of hand-to-hand combat?
Muskets are highly inaccurate so bayonets form a key part of the combat. In general the majority of kills are from melee combat rather than shooting. Worth getting if you like warband.

Sorry I missed your post. I am GMT -5 which is not too bad I guess. I have some ability to be available at 7pm GMT. Though, I have a lot more time to play when most people in GMT have gone to sleep.
You live in South America or the Carribean? :O
No, I live in the eastern United States. It looks like there aren't a lot of people around here who live outside of Europe. I think it's because Mount and Blade is a lot more popular in Europe.
Zarayna is in the same time as you (a ZHG). However he doesn't come around much. The rest of us (for the most part) live in western europe (gmt-gmt +2).
I am in Boston till August the 12th)))
Well, I hope you are enjoying yourself there. I have never been there though it's maybe a half day's drive away from where I live. I live near Philadelphia. I think both cities have historical importance in US history. Boston is where the revolution started and Philadelphia is where the declaration of independence was signed and was the nation's first capital (before Washington existed). Hey maybe someone created a US revolutionary war mod for Mount and Blade? The weapons would have been slightly earlier than Napoleonic wars.
Almost certainly a similar mod to that allready. Check TW forums Smile
There are atleast two mods about that timeperiod. One set during the Seven years war between England and France and another about the American revolution;
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