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Full Version: What is the history / background of ZHG?
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I am a M&B Warband newbie. I've had the game for only 3 months and have been playing multi-player for less than a month. I play on the ZHG servers a lot. Thanks for providing this to the public.

It looks like the servers may be located in Japan (based on the .tk web address of this site?) It would be interesting to me to know more about how and where ZHG started and any other background information. If this is posted some where on the site, I apologize but I was not able to find it. I used to live in Tokyo so if you are based in Japan, that would be of interest to me.


Hi Grognar!

ZHG siege server is hosted in Paris not Japan im afraid. ZHG was initially started as a competitive archery clan and has since morphed into a very chilled out non competitive community. Good to hear that you enjoy the server Big Grin

Sorry, I thought .tk was Japan but it looks like it's for a Pacific island territory. I guess that location has nothing to do with where the servers are located. Still, thanks for the background. I enjoy playing on your servers.
Tokelau Tongue
Tokelau, from what remember, is some tiny country that has plenty of unused domainnames and was willing to sell them at low prices.

ZHG was originally a small competitive clan that was wholy dedicated to archery. Everyone played as archer. Since that was quite hard we eventually added a few other classes to support the archers. But we stopped playing competitive in about September 2010 and became more of a funclan/community instead.
We have been a small but nice little group since then.
In April 2010 we got the siege server, located in Paris. The TDM server came later, I do not remember the exact date for that but it was about a year later I think.

Thats a brief history of the clan.
Thanks for that great background info! And thanks for the server Shy

It's hard to imagine that you've been playing that long. Don't you ever get bored of playing this game? It's a great game (in my opinion) but it can get tiring sometimes especially when people aren't friendly or (as a newbie) getting badly beaten over and over by a difficult defending team.
We play plenty of other games to keep some variation and if possible we play together.

Some ZHGs dont play much WB at all nowadays, but its not considered a problem since we are not competitive, there is no set amount of hours you need to play to be in ZHG.
What other games do you play togethor? Sorry, I hope that I am not tiring you with my questions. I am tempted to apply to join ZHG because it would be nice to have a group of people to play with. I also don't have the time to play every day since I have a lot of other responsibilities in my life (Though I have been on a LOT recently). I am also in a different timezone but have some flexibility. Anyway, I'll post a thread in recruiting if/when I am ready. I don't want to commit to something unless I am sure that I can put at least some energy into it.
Quite a few of us play LoL together we also often play Magika together. In general we dont take anything to seriously when it comes to gaming we just play whatever takes our fancy. Many of us are pretty inactive on warband at the moment though due to life/lack of interest. Personally when i get the chance i play a great deal of the Napoleonic wars DLC.
(16.07.2012 15:45)Grognar Wrote: [ -> ]I am also in a different timezone but have some flexibility.

How badly different your timezone is? Most of our members are GMT - GMT+2. Activity in chat and gaming is quite centered around 7pm GMT (or BST in summer, as someone had to invent day light saving to make timezones even more complex). The activity time and amount might vary some hours depending on day, situation and how many cats walked under the ladder.
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