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Full Version: 300+ ping on ZHG siege server
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Hi, I tried to play the ZHG Siege server about 30 - 40 minutes ago and I noticed that my characters reflexes were absolutely horrible. I checked the ping and it was showing over 300. Why does this happen? A bunch of servers seem to have very high ping right now but some are low (e.g. US_GB_Siege is showing 41). I don't think the problem is on my end. Is this an internet issue or an issue with the ZHG server? What can I do about it if anything?
Well since your american and ZHG is based in Paris you should expect a high ping of between 100-150 normally i would guess. Possibly even higher if you are nearer the west coast. However 300 does seem extremely high. It could have just been a problem with your personal connection to the internet or was everyone else lagging with uber high pings to?
I saw others with high pings but some with low pings as well. Normally the ping rate is around 90 for me. I have a very fast internet connection. I think the issue must have been some where else since I was seeing some servers with low ping rates. Very frustrating. How much of a disadvantage do you think I am at if I have a ping of 100 and someone else has 25? Often when I am playing I can't understand how someone else is able to lift and strike their weapon before I can even release my already lifted weapon.
It's just a little lag you're getting at 100 ping. From my experience this little lag might only make your reactions a few milliseconds later, but can be quite decisive in a melee fight. I usually never join servers if my ping's over 120, but that's for you to decide what's best. Some people might find servers with a ping of 75 too laggy. It's just personal choice and preference.
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