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Decided to drop in and say hello, since I rarely see any of you anymore. Confused
So how are you ZHG folk doing?

We are somewhat waiting for Damnable Donut 2: Reborn land (or actually the anagram of that) and playing other games. Might still play Warband sometimes, but as it is getting rarer, the chance of seeing us there gets lower too.

I enabled the chat link on upper right corner for you, if you feel like visiting the irc at some point. About 7pm gmt, if you prefer non-empty channels.

ZHG is ded Sad
(29.01.2013 18:53)Daeran Wrote: [ -> ]ZHG is ded Sad

I heard some Aimer shot it
Oh, hey Kazzan, how are you?
He is awesome and he is in ZHG noaw Tongue All ours!
Give him back D: Or I will softly smother him with a pillow while he is asleep and dreaming of fairyland. Then I will give him a goodnightkiss, dump his body in a swamp, and report ZHG to the police.
We probably should hief you too.
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