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Full Version: Nirecotive source code
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I'm not totally sure if this is the most recent source code, but it likely is. I also don't remember much about it anymore, as I haven't touched it in over half a year. The source code is provided as is and I most likely don't want to figure out how something in it worked or did not work.

The source code is messy and two different attempts has been made for getting it more modular. It is extra messy exactly because there was two attempts for that.

You are allowed to use the source code however you want, but credits are appreciated and I like hearing where it has been used.


p.s.: Waiting for Bannerlords with overly ambitions mod structure plans. Though, need to wait first to see if it already is perfect and need no modding from me.
Thanks, I used this code in a cyber attack on Sweden's armed forces. Don't worry though, I gave you all the credit.
You gave the Swedish armed forces random weapons and armour?
Yes :o
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