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Full Version: Apply - Stjef
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- In game name: Stjef
- Real name (optional): Robin
- Why you want to join ZHG:
I love your Server and the name sounds good and searching a english ( non-competitiv ) Native Clan.
I would like to improve my english. I understand it and can read and write it. But my talking isn't no good.
- Other games you like to play/interests:
- AoE 2 - 3
- CoD Black Ops 2 (i`m a noob ^^)
- Warband (My Skill from 0 - 10: 2- 3 )
- native
- nw
- Far Cry 3 (On Xbox 360)
- Age: 16 | 23.1.1997
- Location (optional): Switzerland Big Grin

Steam: shishamann83 | http://steamcommunity.com/id/Stjef/
Taleworlds: Stjef ljubavi | http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?a...e;u=232454

I`m a active player and i hope i can join ZHG. Big Grin
I like your name, Robin! Big Grin
Hey Stjef Smile

Nice application, you have some good reasons for wanting to join ZHG. It's fine that your spoken English isn't perfect as we do 99% of our communication via text chat on our IRC channel. ZHG is very very laid back and we play lots of different games but at the moment a lot of us are actually inactive on warband (we are waiting for bannerlord Tongue) But i may cruise on by to the siege server and say hai if i see you there. I've also added you on steam.

Welcome and good luck with your application. Wink
(28.04.2013 22:16)Dandee Wrote: [ -> ]I like your name, Robin! Big Grin

Haha thank you. Big Grin

(29.04.2013 17:42)Sir Marek Wrote: [ -> ]Heyllo!!
Welcome and good luck with your application. Wink

Thank you. Smile
How would you describe your scent?
Heya Stjef,

You have been accepted as an Apprentice. This means you can and should use the ZHG_Apprentice tag and join IRC. The link for IRC is in the top right hand corner of the forum and says "chat" I recommend trying the mibbit version rather than the default as mibbit is awesome.

You are now a representative for ZHG so you should avoid trolling, abusive behaviour and language on all servers.

It is very important that you use IRC if you wish to be accepted into ZHG as a full member.

The trial phase lasts approximatley 2 weeks. During that time you should demonstrate to other members why they should vote to accept you as a full member.

Thank you! =D
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