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Hello all.
In-game name: Shorast
I want to join ZHG because I want to increase my fighting skills a little, and at last to join some kind of good gaming community. And to have a good team to play Warband with, of course Smile
I have a lot of hobbies, some of the biggest: wargaming, history, military, sci-fi (including books, games, movies, miniatures, and so), fantasy (LOTR, etc.), Warhammer 40k, burning heretics, and I'm addicted to Dwarf Fortress.
I'm 17, I live in Poland, and I'm proud of it! Big Grin
I assume that I can speak and write fluent english, but I'm still studying. I know also some german and russian.
And don't think my name is weird, it's a dwarven one, if you want, I can change it to more weird one. c:
Hai thar Shorast, first things first i hope you are aware we are not a competitive warband clan and dont exactly play warband on a large scale anymore. We do still occassionally join our siege server and play there in small groups for fun though but we dont take it too seriously. If you are fine with that please proceed by answering some questions myself and other ZHG members will ask you.

Have you got nirecotive?

Whats your favourite period of history?

burning heretics as a hobby sounds rather illegal, how do you get away with it? Also what do you consider a heretic to be?

Poland is cool. Some nice Polish lagers in a shop near me. Smile

thanks for your application. Other members will probably get around to posting here and asking you some questions.
Yes, I realize that the clan is not competetive, and it's the most part I like in this clan.
Yes, I've got nirecotive, I love screaming with it Big Grin
I love all periods of history, but I think my favorites are early middle ages and WWII conflict.
And why I like middle-ages the most? Because you could burn heretics then, now you can't, and that's sad. Burning heretics is more like a joke, but in my opinion a heretic is a person that offends other religions, some gay people who keep parading around wearing only rainbow pants. That really makes me furious. And most aggressive muslims in these times. These are people I consider heretics. And some politicians.
I know Poland is cool, we had the Hussars! Big Grin
Ah, I like Early Medieval, Dark Ages and the Ancient period myself. I suppose quite a lot of us like history in ZHG.
Hello and welcome to ZHG.

1. How many feet does a reptile humanoid creature have?
2. Did the goose say quack or braak?
3. What faction is your favourite in Warhammer 40k? Which one is your favourite in Warhammer Fantasy?
4. How much water can you drink without stopping for breath?
5. Do you know the legend of Gotrek and Felix?
6. Have you read Gaunt's Ghosts?
7. Do you like the Lord of the Rings movies or books more?
8. What is your favourite fantasy novel or series?
1. I suppose 2. Humanoids always have 2.
2. To be serious, I've seen and heard a goose maybe two times in my life. But I think braak, ducks say quack.
3. Imperium. I definitely love those catedhral-tanks and zealots armed with chainwords screaming "FOR THE EMPEROOOR!". I don't know much about Warhammer Fantasy, altough I think Dwarves are my favorite with the cannons and steam tanks, even submarines.
4. I can't tell you, I think one very big glass.
5. You mean book about them? Yes, I've heard about them, people say they're very interesting. I'm planning to read some.
6. No, I'm currently reading Dan Abnett's "Know no fear", but I'm planning to read Ghosts too, but colonels Schaeffer's Last Chancers look more interesting to me.
7. I think both of them are great, movie has epic battles, book has more interesting scenes.
8.Lord of the Rings. Tongue
If there would be a pink and a purple five euro coin on a table and you could choose one of them, which one would you choose and how? (yes, how, not why)

Do you play dwarf fortress in dwarf mode or adventure mode? How long ago you started playing it?

Do you play warband at 7pm BST on Mondays and Fridays?

If your name is too long to be inserted into warband name field together with apprentice tag, would you nickhax it to be your ingame name anyway, shorten it or resolve in some other way?

On scale from 1 to 10, how likely is it that this question is using binary?

On scale from 1 to a sandwich, how exited you are about Bannerlord?
I wouldn't pick anything, we don't have euro in Poland. Smile
I prefer fortress mode, but I played some adventure mode, too. I started playing DF about 2 years ago.
I play Warband at various times, because I have holiday now, altough I can regularly play at 7 pm.
I would shorten it, but I play Warband with nick Shorast, so I don't think it would need shortening Tongue
Urhm, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNeikvoqQ-s
I think potato. No, really, I think it will be a good continuation of first part.
(02.07.2013 17:33)Shorast Dumatadast Wrote: [ -> ]I would shorten it, but I play Warband with nick Shorast, so I don't think it would need shortening Tongue

We need longer apprentice tag! What would people say about "Apprentice_of_the_awesome_Zendar_Hunters_Guild"? It would still allow two character names to skilled nickhaxers, if my calculations and memory are correct.
Why can't it simply be "ZHG_Apprentice" D:
Heya Shorast,

You have been accepted as an Apprentice. This means you can and should use the ZHG_Apprentice tag and join IRC. The link for IRC is in the top right hand corner of the forum and says "chat" I recommend trying the mibbit version rather than the default as mibbit is awesome.

You are now a representative for ZHG so you should avoid trolling, abusive behaviour and language on all servers.

It is very important that you use IRC if you wish to be accepted into ZHG as a full member.

The trial phase lasts approximatley 2 weeks. During that time you should demonstrate to other members why they should vote to accept you as a full member.

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