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Full Version: Reverse peasant siege 11th November 2013
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Another event!

Reverse peasant siege on Monday 11th November 2013 7pm gmt.

Location: ZHG siege server.

Duration: Likely 60 to 90 minutes.

The lord was not amused by having his castles conquered by filthy peasants. In hurry to recapture the castles, he gathered what little troops he could get and headed to siege the castles. The knights were shivering while the peasants were looking down at them from the castle walls and grinning ominously. However, the lord gave no choice to the knights.

[Image: ZGFY2m5.jpg]
Another badly drawn illustration for promotion
i shall be there!
I most likely shant Sad
I'll be there Smile
Sounds like a more peasanty-fiting setup.
yay, people might think this to be more fair Smile
A post event poll for this one up

And some screenshots: show
[Image: eF84f69.jpg]
Waiting behind the door. Looks like better situation than the knights one
[Image: 1LOCM2S.jpg]
Peasants were ruthlessly killed
[Image: Dv8ZhKT.jpg]
The promotion picture was clearly inspired by this screenshot
[Image: kNNWTfb.jpg]
A tower full of peasants
[Image: 2DwpPvT.jpg]
It's almost harvesting season!
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