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Unban Request : The_Great_Ariadalf_Brother
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white zhg symbol Unban Request : The_Great_Ariadalf_Brother

Server(s) you are banned from:


What name you were using and why you got banned:


Because of my name I suppose (according to the Pepper's request).

Why we should unban you:

I created my own brother clan 4 months ago on M&S. Brother is a generic common name, and it shouldnt be the exclusivity of one clan brother.
It s not their server, not their game either, even if they act like it is.

Time and date of the ban:
03/18/2016, evening.

I can add that Pepper is mad at me for one year. Since i beat her in duels on M&S, she tried to ban me from many servers (Camelot, Aok, without success, she even generated 10 pages of topic to try to make me banned from M&S and I can dig up the links)
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19.03.2016 01:06
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RE: Unban Request : The_Great_Ariadalf_Brother

Not only because of the use of another clan's tag but also for impersonating The_Perilous_Pepper_Brother.
End of discussion.

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19.03.2016 11:09
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